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This plugins shows a daily Bible verse or a random Bible verse from The plugin also supports Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish, Arabic, Dutch, Afrikaans, Bengali, Chinese (traditional), Czech, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hindi, Persian, Russian, Slovak, Southern Sotho, Urdu, Xhosa and Zulu Bible verses.

The plugin can be used as a widget, so it’s easy to install. After installing the plugin you will have two widgets: ‘Bible verse of the day’ and ‘Random Bible verse’. You can also use tags: [bibleverseoftheday_niv] and [randombibleverse_niv], replace ‘niv’ with another translation if necessary, see list below.

If the connection to for some reason fails, it will show the previous verse. If there is no previous verse, the plugin will show John 3:16.


  • English Standard Version (esv)
  • King James Version (kjv)
  • New Catholic Bible (ncb)
  • New International Version (niv)
  • New King James Version (nkjv)
  • New Living Translation (nlt)
  • New Revised Standard Version (nrsv)
  • World English Bible (web)

Spanish (Español) – Versículo de la Biblia del día – Versículo de la Biblia al Azar

  • La Biblia de las Américas (lbla)
  • Nueva Versión Internacional (nvi)
  • Reina-Valera 1960 (rvr60)
  • Reina-Valera 1995 (rvr95)

Portuguese (Português) – Versículo da Bíblia do dia – Versículo Aleatório da Bíblia

  • Almeida Revista e Atualizada (ara)
  • Almeida Revista e Corrigida (arc)
  • Nova Versão Internacional (nvi_pt)

German (Deutsch) – Bibelvers des Tages – Zufalls Bibelvers

  • Elberfelder Bibel (elb)
  • Luther 1912 (lu12)
  • Luther 2017 (lut)
  • Neue evangelistische Übersetzung (neu)

French (Français) – Verset Biblique du Jour – Verset de la Bible Aléatoire

  • Bible du Semeur (bds)
  • Segond 21 (sg21)

Italian (Italiano) – Versetto della Bibbia del Giorno – Versetto casuale della Bibbia

  • Conferenza Episcopale Italiana (cei)
  • Nuova Riveduta 2006 (nr06)

Polish (Polski) – Biblijny werset dnia – Losowy werset Biblii

  • Uwspółcześniona Biblia Gdańska (ubg)

Arabic (عربى) – آية الكتاب المقدس اليومية – ايات مختارة

  • الكتاب المقدس (avd)
  • ترجمة كتاب الحياة (keh)

Dutch (Nederlands) – Bijbeltekst van de dag – Willekeurige Bijbeltekst

  • BasisBijbel (bb)
  • Bijbel in Gewone Taal (bgt)
  • Herziene Statenvertaling (hsv)
  • Nederlands Bijbelgenootschap (nbg)
  • Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling 2021 (nbv)

Afrikaans – Bybelvers van die dag – Willekeurig Bybelvers

  • Afrikaans 1933/1953 (afr53)

Bengali (বাংলা) – আজকের জন্য বাইবেল পদ – র‌্যানড্ম বাইবেল পদ

  • পবিত্র বাইবেল (কেরী ভার্সন) (rovu)

Chinese (traditional) (繁體中文) – 每日聖經金句 – 隨機聖經金句

  • 和合本聖經 (cuv)
  • 和合本圣经 (cuvs)

Czech (Čeština) – Biblický verš dne – Náhodný Biblický verš

  • Bible 21 (b21)
  • Český ekumenický překlad (cep)

Danish (Dansk) – Dagens bibelvers – Tilfældige bibelvers

  • Bibelen på Hverdagsdansk (bdan)
  • Danske Bibel 1871/1907 (da1871)

Finnish (Suomi) – Päivän Raamatun jae – Satunnainen Raamatun jae

  • Raamattu 1992 (kr92)

Greek (Ελληνικά) – Βίβλος στίχος της ημέρας – Τυχαία Βίβλος στίχος

  • Η Αγία Γραφή (tgv)

Hindi (हिन्दी) – दिन की बाइबिल कविता – रैंडम बाइबिल पद्य

  • पवित्र बाइबिल (hhbd)

Persian (فارسی) – آیه روز کتاب مقدس – آیه کتاب مقدس تصادفی

  • کتاب مقدس، ترجمۀ معاصر (pcb)

Russian (Русский) – Библейский стих дня – Случайный стих из Библии

  • Синодальный перевод (rst)

Slovak (Slovenský) – Biblický verš dňa – Náhodný Biblický verš

  • Katolícky preklad (kat)

Southern Sotho (Sesotho) – Temana ya Bibele ya lehono – Temana ya Bibele ya go se kgethwe ka maikemišetšo

  • BIBELE (sso89)

Urdu (اردو) – دن کی بائبل کی آیت – بے ترتیب بائبل آیت

  • کِتابِ مُقادّس (urd)

Xhosa – Ivesi yeBhayibhile yosuku – Ivesi yeBhayibhile engaqhelekanga

  • IBHAYIBHILE (xho96)

Zulu – Amavesi eBhayibheli osuku – Ivesi leBhayibheli elingahleliwe

  • Zulu 1959 (zul59)


  • This is what the daily Bible verse will look like by default. By changing the css you can change the appearance of the plugin.
  • Another screenshot of the plugin.
  • A wordpress site with the plugin in the sidebar.


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Bible verse of the day The daily Bible verse or a random Bible verse on your website, from


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. You can install the plugin by uploading the zip in the plugins section of wordpress, or by adding the files to the folder ‘/wp-content/plugins/bible-verse-of-the-day’.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
    • Widget: There are widgets added ‘Bible Verse of the Day’ and ‘Random Bible Verse’. You can drag these onto the sidebar of your site, and select a bible translation.
    • Replace tags: You can use the following shortcodes: [bibleverseoftheday_niv] and [randombibleverse_niv]. Replace ‘niv’ by another translation if necessary.
    • Template: Place <?php echo bible_verse_of_the_day('0', 'niv'); ?> or <?php echo random_bible_verse('0', 'niv'); ?> in your template. Replace ‘niv’ by another translation if necessary. Lowercase and replace hyphen ‘-‘, with underscore ‘_’.


මැයි 17, 2022
I like that everything is wrapped with classes so I can target with CSS and modify the look of the widget to match my website. Easy to choose a translation. Great plugin for getting the word of God out there!
පෙබරවාරි 9, 2021
Most of the reviews on this plugin are several years old, so I’m adding my review to show that the Bible Verse of the Day plugin is still viable – and works great. After searching endlessly on google for a daily verse widget with code that actually functions, I came upon this one. It’s so easy to install from the WP plugin library. By using the ‘inspect’ tool on my browser, I was able to customize it with CSS to match my site. I love how it looks, and the verse changes each time the page is refreshed. Thank you to the plugin creator for keeping it updated as well!
දෙසැම්බර් 31, 2019
I had been looking for a WordPress Plugin for some time that would allow me to add the Bible Verse of the day to the website, it was nice to work with you on the Italian translation of your plugin. Thank you!
අගෝස්තු 30, 2019
Added this as a shortcode to my page and it works just great. Keep up the good work.
දෙසැම්බර් 9, 2016
This plugin works perfectly and exactly as described. It also doesn’t try to load any insecure links or data, thus maintaining an https secure web page if your site uses encrypted protocols. Other plugins I found try to load information from insecure sources and thus create a mixed-content situation, which is not good for SSL. Thanks for this!
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“Bible Verse of the Day” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“Bible Verse of the Day” has been translated into 4 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

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  • Added New King James Version (NKJV)
  • Added French – Segond 21 (SG21)
  • Added Finnish – Raamattu 1992 (KR92)
  • Added Chinese (traditional) – Chinese Union Version (CUV)
  • Added Arabic – الكتاب المقدس (AVD)
  • Added ترجمة كتاب الحياة (KEH)
  • Better handling of connection issues


  • Added Elberfelder Bibel (ELB)
  • Added Italian – with the help of Luciano Del Fico
  • Added Conferenza Episcopale Italiana (CEI)
  • Added Slovak
  • Added Katolícky preklad (KAT)


  • Removed use of deprecated function: create_function()


  • Added Portuguese
  • Added Almeida Revista e Corrigida (ARC)


  • Added BasisBijbel (BB)
  • Use secure https where possible.
  • Tested with WordPress version 4.7


  • Added English Standard Version (ESV)
  • Added Bijbel in Gewone Taal (BGT)
  • Added Nederlands Bijbelgenootschap (NBG)
  • Added Reina-Valera 1960 (RVR60)
  • Added Reina-Valera 1995 (RVR95)
  • Added Neue evangelistische Übersetzung (NeÜ)


  • Improved widget constructor for wordpress 4.3


  • Added KJV (King James Version)
  • Tested with WordPress version 4.1.1


  • Fixed (new attempt) error on some wordpress installations: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by, removed BOM headers from file


  • Fixed error on some wordpress installations: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by


  • Fixed deprecated function warning
  • Tested with WordPress version 4.0.1


  • Added German and Spanish
  • Tested with WordPress version 3.8.1


  • Fixed missing argument warning
  • Tested with WordPress version 3.7.1


  • Added support for the dutch language
  • Added more verses to the random bible verse functionality.


  • Added the random bible verse functionality.
  • Added shortcodes: [bibleverseoftheday] and [randombibleverse].
  • The widgets now have a default title.
  • The widgets now have a option to choose whether you want to show the link to or not.


  • On some wordpress installations there were security issues when getting the verse from, these are now solved by using the wordpress functions.


  • The new verse will now show at midnight depending on your server time, not the time of the server of
  • The plugin no longer uses javascript, so it will also work for users with javascript disabled.
  • The plugin now only gets verse once a day from so there is no longer a need to get the verse on each page load. This makes the performance even better!


  • Initial version