Oxygen MyData for WooCommerce


The WooCommerce Oxygen Suite extension allows you to automatically create your customers in WooCommerce as Clients in Oxygen Suite, and to create invoices (or draft invoices) for orders. View or download all invoices as PDFs and manage your order status easily.

By having all your data entered into Oxygen Suite automatically upon order, you save hours of manual entry every day, your customers will have immediate access to download PDF invoices, and you can even send invoices automatically.

An account with https://www.pelatologio.gr/ is required.


  • Oxygen settings 1.
  • Oxygen settings 2.
  • Oxygen settings 3.
  • Oxygen settings in Greek 1.
  • Oxygen settings in Greek 2.
  • Oxygen settings in Greek 3.
  • Oxygen metabox on order edit screen.
  • My account page invoice view action.


  1. Choose to add a new plugin, then click upload
  2. Upload the oxygen-mydata zip
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Setup the plugin via WooCommerce -> Settings -> Oxygen


Will it auto create an invoice on specific order status

Yes! This can be set on the settings page

Will the customers be able to view/download the invoice on their account page

Yes! A download link will be displayed once the invoice has been created.

Where do I find the API key

Get one from https://www.pelatologio.gr/

Will it work with my existing user meta data

You can match your existing users’ metadata with the data required by myData. However the plugin can create those checkout fields for you.


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Contributors & Developers

“Oxygen MyData for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Improved debug logging


  • Added checkout company field check on invoice request


  • Added API user look up by email
  • Added invoice request check by various values
  • Added checkout checks for required fields on invoice request
  • Added actions to trigger document creation on bulk order status change
  • Updated Greek translation
  • Fixed switching the essential checkout fields to required when invoice is selected
  • Fixed E_ERROR on API PDF look up by invoice ID
  • Fixed wrongly create invoices when VAT ID is set but invoice is not requested
  • Fixed document not created when email to customer is not enabled
  • Removed not longer needed shutdown WP tweak


  • Fixed WordPress caching issue
  • Fixed user data auto load on manually created orders


  • Fixed duplicate documents on button double click
  • Fixed notice auto creation error


  • Fixed minor logical PHP error with custom logos


  • Added shipping code option
  • Added the option to choose Default Invoice Document Type on order status
  • Added order number on the infobox API field
  • Added color labels on admin column for documents
  • Added document attachment on WooCommerce emails
  • Added logo image option on documents
  • Better vat info fields handling on checkout
  • Updated translation files


  • Added empty plugin values on WooCommerce terms entry
  • Forcing rounded values for vat and net amount of the orders to be sent to the API
  • Better vat info handling
  • Updated translation files


  • Fixed invoice/notice auto creation
  • Fixed language settings not saving
  • Added default payment status for invoices and notices
  • Added language support for invoices and notices


  • Fixed coding typo


  • Fixed sequence number for notices
  • Fixed category for order fees
  • Fixed customer being empty when switching between live and sandbox mode
  • Added extra headers on API requests


  • Fixed classification assignment
  • Added the option to issue multiple notices


  • Fixed 3rd party user fields selection values
  • Added receipt default types and categories
  • Added support for coupons
  • Added support for not activated payment methods setup
  • Added support for WooCommerce 7.0.0


  • Minor code fixes
  • Created additional messages and alerts


  • Fixed wrong API key error
  • Fixed live API URL
  • Fixed default myData values
  • UI improvements
  • Added notice functionality
  • Fixed duplicate client creation in the Oxygen platform


  • Initial plugin release.